Mercy Team

This group, mainly women, serve the Church in a very important way, ministering to those in our Church who have lost a loved one, who are sick, and those who just need encouragement. Sis. Martha Halbrook does an outstanding job heading up this group.  When the need arises she calls a couple of the women informing them of the need and asks them to fix a meal, offer a word of encouragement and a prayer for the person or family in need.  The members on this team are always more than willing to help and are appreciated very much.  It means alot to individuals and families who are under the weather or lost loved ones, etc to get a hot meal & a visit when they don't feel like cooking, We hear alot of great things being said about this team.  Any Church member can sign up to be on this team at any time, just let Ms. Martha know.  This Team meet on an as needed basis. 













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